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Our events are anything but cookie-cutter. From a small intimate wedding to a lavish black-tie affair, our weddings reflect the styles and personalities of each couple. Looking for a luxury wedding for two?  Green Gigz can design a one-of-a-kind elopement just for you.

Place plays a special role in the memories and bonds that we create with the people in our lives—and that’s especially true when it comes to romance. So often I hear from couples who want to make their vows in the sanctity of a space that houses echoes of their story, but they aren’t quite sure how to pull it off. The good news is, a wedding can be produced almost anywhere.


Your possibilities are limitless, and since I believe in creating unique moments that inspire, my team and I are here to coach you through your thought process and help you turn your ideas into a clear vision. Once the picture comes into full view, we provide you with quality resources that fit your personality, budget and aesthetic, and we handle the details so you aren’t in any way overwhelmed by the process.


Site Research + Venue Consultation

In planning a wedding, appearance is everything. We ensure that not only will your wedding be well managed, but it will look sensational. We are constantly cultivating connections and partnerships with the best of the best in the event service industry to provide quality recommendations at fair prices. We can help you pick the best combination of service providers to fit your event.


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