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Event Production

Green Gigz represents the best in creative design and precision execution. As experienced producers, we understand and have mastered the technical, logistical, and project management skills necessary to deliver truly creative projects on schedule and within budget. Our deeply experienced and collaborative team organizes and manages the success of every project with reliability and excellence.

Virtual Events

The framework of events has changed in our present reality, but our commitment to creating memorable and innovative events that delight, inspire and engage has not. At Green Gigz, we understand it is through innovation that we will continue to engender support in our communities and among our partners. Using our decades-long expertise, our team organizes, creates, and executes world-class virtual events including non-profit, corporate, and private events. From ideating to producing the event, our team of experts will work with you to develop a thoughtful virtual event to engage and steward your audience to achieve your goals.


Using the latest technology, we develop a unique branded online experience, focusing on your mission and motivating your guests to dial in and engage. The spectrum of production ranges from grassroots, zoom+ webinars, to multi-platform engagements.

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Event Design

Green Gigz pays close attention to every detail that goes into creating a “WOW” event experience. From ideation to completion, we create environments and experiences that surprise and delight creating deep connections that are meaningful and memorable. There are events and then there are moments, Green Gigz creates moments. If you can conceive it, we can create it. Regardless of the size, scale or type of event, Green Gigz will meticulously plan every detail, bringing your vision to life. 

Private Events

Everything Is Designed Around You. Whether you’re doing a grand opening, social gathering, corporate soiree, or simply celebrating life, we think “out of the box” to create an experience that is memorable, meaningful, and engaging for you and you and your guests.

With over three decades in planning social events, Green Gigz has successfully dealt with every imaginable situation. This knowledge is a major advantage. Nobody can teach what we have learned through experience.

We always have a plan A, B, C and D.


Brand Consulting

Green Gigz knows how to move a brand from good to better to best. We are problem solvers, solution providers and work with our clients to connect them to opportunities, create new plans, and bring their goals into fruition. 

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